5 Reasons to Choose Acrylic Display

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Published 13th October 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Acrylics have been on the retail scene for years, but why should you choose it for your business?

Acrylic displays come in all shapes and sizes and there are literally millions of applications acrylics can be used for.

Acrylic display stands are simple, cost effective and stylish. No matter what your brand, acrylics can be used  to showcase your products whether in display cases or on simple plinths to add height to your displays.


1. Clear View

Acrylic is clearer than glass allowing for a crystal clear display that does not detract attention from your products. Glass has a green tint which can distort the view.

Having a clear display can ensure your product gets maximum exposure. Our new 24 Acrylic Pocket Floor Standing Card Stand and the 12 Acrylic Pocket Counter Card Stands are great examples of how to display cards without any interruption to the cards design.

DS47 Counter Card Stand

2. Lightweight

In comparison to glass, acrylic is much lighter. This makes acrylic cheaper to ship and to move around in the retail environment. This means lighter work for you if you need to update or move your displays.

Some acrylic displays can be flat packed so you use less space if you need to store it or transport it to shows.

Our Acrylic Counter Display Cabinets can be supplied flat packed and can be easily assembled or disassembled.

DS30/3C Acrylic Display Cabinet

3. Safety First

Acrylic is much safer than glass and will not shatter if dropped. At worst, it would crack, but that is better when in public area.

Our Acrylic Photo Frames are an ideal replacement for heavy glass frames

DSTF Magnetic Counter Frame

4. Shape

Acrylic is much easier to manipulate into different shapes so acrylic displays are often a lot more interesting to look at than glass or cardboard.

Thanks to the variety of acrylic displays available, your displays can certainly be more eye catching.

Our Acrylic Cake Stands come in both square or circular shape and in 4 colours!


DSCS4SQ Square Cake Stand

5. Cost Effective

If you need an eye catching display solution that is light, strong and affordable, Acrylic is the answer.

Whether you require literature display, jewellery, catering or card display you are sure to find an acrylic display just right for you and your business.

See our full range of acrylic displays here.

Bespoke Modular Cube System

Of course, Display Stands Ltd have a broad range of stands and displays for your products too, which you can browse on our website.We have selected a few key display stands and POS (on the right) to help you with your displays. If you need further assistance or any advice, we are here to help! Call us on 023 92 632 633 or email.

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