5 Ways To Update Your Store On A Budget

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Published 17th March 2017. Author: J.Taylor

The look of your store can impact footfall, sales and even staff moral. So if your store needs a little TLC but your budget is tight, look no further.

Is your store looking a little tired or has looked the same way for years? Updating your store can work wonders by increasing footfall and sales. The economic imbalance that remains ever so apparent to the retail industry may slow your plans for expansion but you can make subtle changes to your existing layout without investing in a complete overhaul.

Here are 5 ideas that can help you revive your business without breaking the bank.


1. Insert Colour Here

If you have a slatwall display, why not change the insert colour?

PVC inserts are great way to instantly change the look of your store by simply replacing your old ones with a different colour. Use colours that complement you current store colours or products. Alternatively, go for a strong contrasting colour to create visual impact.

2. A Splash of Paint or Fabric

Adding a different colour paint to create a statement wall can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a store.

If you currently use grid panel or mesh, adding colour behind the grid can make your products stand out.

If paint is not an option, hang fabric behind displays to add colour and texture.


3. Change up your Signage

Grab customers attention with new or improved signage. This can be achieved by either changing the poster/menu holders to acrylic, wall mounted or chalkboards or just changing the posters themselves.

The positioning is also vital, so be sure to position them where your customers can see it clearly. Eye level is recommended.


4. Add Props

If you are unable to change the d├ęcor, why not add props? Balloons and flowers are a great way to catch the eye, although these props are temporary and are best for short promotions. Plants are beneficial and last longer than cut flowers. Use mirrors and/or art work (try a local artist or photographer) to liven up the wall space or even create a theme. Second hand furniture and mannequins are also a great way to add some theatre.


5. Light the Way

You can change some fittings for more decorative ones or add a couple of statement lamps to create an eye catching display. Light bulbs can also dim over time and give a yellowish hue so change your bulbs for an instant uplift.



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