7 Tips to Improve your Counter Display

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Published 28th April 2017. Author: J.Taylor

Discover ways to improve the performance and look of your counter displays.

Counter displays can certainly encourage customers to shop whether at a stall, in a shop or close to the checkout till. Counter display can be used in many different ways depending on your goals.

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Whether free of charge or at a reasonable price, well displayed samples are a great way to entice the customer into trying a new product. Make sure to display the full range close by or behind the counter so that your customer doesn't have to go back round the store.

Baskets and trays are great for product sampling. Make sure your display is food safe if you are displaying unpackaged food!

Impulse Buys

Small packaged items at a good price are easy for customers to add to their basket at the checkout.

Counter hook displays are ideal for these products

Souvenirs or Branded Merchandise

A token memory of their day or just a useful product is always great for customers, be it a pen, batteries, keyring fob or torch.

Try rotating counter hook stands to display your merchandise.

New Products

Sometimes products can get lost on busy shelves. Dedicate a portion of counter space to highlight your new products to ensure they gain maximum exposure.


* 7 Tips for Counter Displays *


Now you know what you want to display, here are 7 tips to further help your counter top work for you!

1. Single products

Displaying just one product at the checkout simplifies the decision making for the customers.

2. Small products

Displaying small packaged products allow customers to easily add to their shopping basket.

3. Price point 

Ensure the price is right, so it entices the customer to buy.

4. Keep it fresh

Change the display and/or product frequently. Highlight seasonal products. If there's something new to see every time the customer visits it can increase the chances of them buying more and/or increasing their brand awareness.

5. The right signage

Getting the signage right can make the sale. Try to get the customer's attention with no more than 7 words and make it a friendly reminder rather than an impersonal price sign.

6. Neat and tidy

A well organised and neat looking display is fair more inviting than a messy pile of products.

7. Display good, new or relevant products

Don't use your counter display as a clearance display. If the product isn't selling, there is usually a reason. Use the counter to showcase your new products or seasonal goods.

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