4 Ways to Use Baskets for Retail Display

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Published 14th April 2017. Author: J.Taylor

We look at different ways to use baskets for your retail displays.


Baskets add rustic charm to any environment with the hand woven detail and natural warm hues. Baskets are not just nice to look at but they offer retailers a multitude of options when in comes to display.

Below we look at 5 of our favourite ways to display with baskets:



Table/Counter Display


Nothing is more inviting than a fresh looking fruit and vegetable display. Bright contrasting colours complimented beautifully by wicker baskets sure to attract customers.

Baskets also help to accentuate the Organic feel.

Use a mixture of basket styles and display at different heights to ensure all products are seen



Behind the Counter


Behind the counter is a great place to display your products in full view of the customer as they approach the till.

This area is also great for general storage and baskets can certainly help keep your store tidy and organised.

Used with sloping shelves, you can ensure that your products are getting maximum exposure.

Team up with Chalkboards for price signage so your customers can make an instant decision.



POS Display3 Tier Basket Stand


A well placed basket stand can generate impulse purchases.

Keep the baskets stocked with treats that customers find hard to resist.

Alternatively, use small baskets next to your till.


Window Display


Use baskets to dress your window display. Stack them, line them up, hang them or place on shelves.

Hay or shredded paper and some flowers can create the farm/country look.

Team up with distressed furniture crates and antiques for the shabby chic look.