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Published 31st March 2017. Author: J.Taylor

We love getting new products here at Display Stands Ltd, even more so when it is a product range we know our customers are in need of.

Almost every business uses literature displays, whether it is for certificates, sales signs, menu holders, catalogue and leaflet holders.

Our current range of menu holders have been very popular but there were a couple of requirements not quite being met. To rectify this, we have now introduced the Expanda Stand range to better meet our customers needs.

If you have brochures, greeting cards, leaflets, booklets or any literature in A4, A5 and DL then you will love these products.

Wall Display

Wall Displays

We had POS for Slatwall displays but not for walls. Finally, a high quality and durable modular clip-on brochure display system, designed specifically to gain maximum brochure exposure whilst saving precious space. We offer 4 standard configurations:

Each configuration is supplied with an aluminium wall bracket. Then simply clip each brochure holder in place as shown in the instructions provided.



Much like our popular greeting card stands, these carousel stands rotate. Even better, each tier rotates independently, allowing customers and clients to see your literature in all it's glory. We are offering 3 configurations:

Simply clip each brochure holder on the tier brackets and you are ready to display! Better yet, these carousels come supplied with header card holders so you can pop some signage on top.



Is there anything better than literature that is fully mobile? We don't think so and these trolleys are fantastic for libraries, schools and hospitals so you can position your literature right where you need it! We have 2 versions:

Each trolley is lightweight and sturdy and comes complete with castors. Simply clip the brochure holders onto the horizontal brackets.

Foyer Stands

Foyer Stands

When you have literature you need your customers and clients to see as soon as they enter the premises or exhibition stand, then foyer stands are the solution. Front facing with cascading pockets these stands are ideal for high traffic areas and perfect for space saving. We have to versions available:

Easy to assemble and lightweight for transport. These stands are supplied with a sturdy 5 leg base.


As you can see, the Expanda Stand range certainly has it's benefits and we are confident that no matter what literature you have or where you need to display it, these stands are the answer.

There is one more thing... All brochure holders are interchangeable as they feature unique interlocking components for easy mixing and matching. So if you were to purchase an A5 carousel and an A4 wall display, you can swap the holders round should you wish.  This allows you to Expand your literature display like never before.

See the full range here

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