10 Uses for Chalkboards

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Published: 14th November 2016. Author: J. Taylor

Chalkboards have become very popular not just in the retail sector but at home too.

So how are people using their chalkboards?

We have found 10 different uses for Chalkboards:

1. Price Board

Everyone loves to see the price upfront. Hang on the wall or place by your products.

2. Menus/Specials

Display your menus for all to see and have smaller chalkboards showing your specials which you can hand to your customers.

3. Special Offers

Everyone loves a special offer, but they need to spot them first! Chalkboards have a knack of drawing the eye, so are ideal for this purpose.

4. Table Numbers

Nice and simple, place straight on the table or hand to customers when they place their order.

5. Opening Times

Communicating when you are open and closed is one of the most vital pieces of information you can give to a customer. Hang in your window or place by your till to ensure it's seen!

6. Product Name and Information

Give your customers extra information about your product; where was it made, what year was it made. How much is it?

7. To do list

Got plenty of tasks ahead and need a handy reminder? Jot them down and tick them off as you go!

8. Shopping List

Ok, so you may not be able to fit your entire shopping list on a chalkboard, much less carry a chalkboard around the supermarket! But you can note down those items you might forget or have just run out of.

9. Recipes

Jot down a recipe for use in the kitchen or as extra information for customers (omitting secret ingredients of course).

10. Chore List

Write down those chores so everyone knows what they need to do!