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Newspaper Rack Fold Flat 7 Wide Pockets in Silver (S1)

Manufactured in the UK

Chrome Adjustable Height Handbag Display Holder (G500)


2 Arm Hanger Counter Unit in Chrome for Handbags, Purses and Scarves (G201)


4 Arm Adjustable Display Hanger Stand (G200)


Female Mannequin Polystyrene Head (POLYF)


Male Mannequin Polystyrene Head (POLYM)

Slatwall Glasses Hanger (G202)


Clear Sloping Acrylic Slatwall Shelf Shelving 240mm x 123mm (G228)


Budget Slatwall Single Hooks (J90)

5 Sided Cube Retail Displays in 4 Sizes (G91/G92/G93/G94)

Black Leatherette Necklace Jewellery Display Busts (G411-4BL)

Sample Display Case in Black with Lid for Counter and Cabinet Display (G225)

Ring Display Case with Lid for Counter and Cabinet Display in Black (G224)

Earring Display Case with Lid in Black for Counter or Cabinet Display (G223)

Acrylic Tiered Nail Polish Display 21.5 cm (G600)


Acrylic 5 Tiered Nail Polish Display 41.5cm (G601)


Acrylic Tiered Nail Polish Display 30cm (G602)

Table Top Double Sided Chalkboard with Wood Base (CHA5)


Heavy Duty Rubber Castors M8 Set of 4 (RM8)


Artificial Red Apple (FF1)

Artificial Pear (FF2)

Artificial Orange (FF3)

Artificial Lemon (FF4)

Artificial Bunch of Green Grapes (FF5)

Artificial Garlic String (FF7)

Artificial Wooden Eggs- Bag of 6 (FF13)